Welcome to The Plane Truth at The Courses at Watters Creek

The Plane Truth at The Courses at Watters Creek is based in Plano, Texas. We opened our world class program in February 2012 within The Courses at Watters Creek complex. The facilities underwent a complete renovation by Weibring-Wolfard Golf Design which created one of the premier practice facilities in the Dallas area. After the renovation, Plane Truth Co-founder and Director of Instruction Chris O'Connell and Lead Instructor Jake Sandusky set up our programs. We have since added Teaching Professional Joe Brown from the prestigious Cherry Hills Country Club in Colorado and TrackMan Master Professional Andy Traynor from England. The Plane Truth at The Courses at Watters Creek instructor group is one of the most formidable in the golf instruction industry. Our team offers golf instruction to all ability levels from PGA Tour professionals to recreational players. In addition to one-on-one instruction, The Plane Truth offers top level Junior Programs and Golf Schools throughout the year.

What is the Plane Truth?

We are a golf instruction organization based on the findings and discoveries of world renowned golf instructor Jim Hardy.  In 2015, Jim was inducted into the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame and is currently ranked #7 on Golf Digest’s Best Teachers list.  He is probably best known for his 2005 book, The Plane Truth for Golfers.  In it he explains that there are not one, but two general categories in which ALL swings can be divided and analyzed.  Just by looking at the variety of swings of successful players in golf, it is obvious that all aren’t employing the same singular method.  The two categories were termed “one plane” and “two plane”.  Within each category there are many variations.  Each swing has its own set of fundamentals that work together to optimally create a correct, repetitive impact.  For a “one plane” swing the arms and club swing on a somewhat similar plane to that of the shoulder turn.  For a “two plane” swing the arms and club swing on a decidedly more upright plane than the plane on which the shoulders turn.  The two categories of swings are completely opposite in nature.  When opposing fundamentals from one category are introduced into the other category a breakdown occurs.  Fundamentals paramount for one will ruin the other.  In 2007, Jim’s second book, The Plane Truth for Golfers Master Class followed further helping golfers in implementing the information.

The Plane Truth organization has three missions in golf instruction:

  • Help amateur golfers improve through one on one lessons with Plane Truth Certified Instructors, Plane Truth Golf Schools, or through our content.
  • Continual education and growth of our Plane Truth Certified Instructor family.  We currently have over 160 throughout the world.
  • Elevate the golf games of our PGA Tour, Champions Tour, Web.com, LPGA Tour, and other professionals.

To learn more about The Plane Truth please visit www.planetruthgolf.com

The Plane Truth Teaching Philosophy

“The sole purpose of a golf swing is to produce a correct,repetitive impact. The method employed is of no significance as long as it is repetitive.” – John Jacobs

The purpose in swinging a golf club cannot be summed up more succinctly than by Sir John Jacobs.  Our founder Jim Hardy considers John not only his mentor but one of the forefathers of modern golf instruction.  This quote is the motto that The Plane Truth has adopted since its inception in 2005. Jim’s true genius was born out of that motto and is his contribution to the golf instruction community.  It is the foundation upon which Jim built his groundbreaking Plane Truth +’s and –‘s Impact System.  This system is used to improve a golfer’s impact and ball flight no matter the swing style or method they employ.  When a swing is not producing a correct and repetitive impact, the impact is either too steep (+) or too shallow (-).  A swing element from the opposite category is then introduced to help balance the scale and move the golfer to a neutral impact.  The goal of every Plane Truth instructor is to improve a student’s impact and ball flight as quickly as possible.  This is reflected in our motto, “Hit The Next Ball Better”.  We do not buy into the adage that golfers should get worse before they get better.  If you do not experience improvement immediately, one of three things is happening.

  • You do not understand what you need to do
  • You understand what you need to do, but aren’t doing it
  • The information you are being given is incorrect

You can learn more about this system in Jim Hardy’s 2012 book entitled Solid